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Viña San Pedro has continuously contributed to the positioning of Chile in the world map of the vitivinicultural industry .
With over 150 years of history , Viña San Pedro was founded in the Curicó Valley in 1865 by the Correa Albano brothers, who were pioneers in bringing varieties from the Old Continent to the Valley. San Pedro is one of the most important wineries in Chile and one of the country’s most significant exporters, with a presence in over 80 markets across five continents with its brands: Altaïr, Cabo de Hornos, Sideral, Kankana del Elqui, Tierras Moradas, 1865, Epica, Castillo de Molina, 35 SUR and GatoNegro. Its exploratory, pioneering nature and pursuit of extreme origins led it to incorporate the Elqui Valley in 2006, which is the origin of the Castillo de Molina Sauvignon Blanc as well as the Limited Edition Syrah from the 1865 range. It is also one of the first large wineries to help revive the Itata Valley in 2013. Other projects, such as Los Despedidos, have prompted San Pedro to engage with less commercial varieties such as Cinsault, País and Dolcetto.



Viña San Pedro has been creating wines in Chile for almost one hundred and fifty years. A pioneer in the past and a present-day innovator in the New World, it has helped in building an industry from Elqui to Bío-Bío.
Founded in year 1865, Viña San Pedro is nowadays one of the largest and oldest exporters of Chilean wine and one of the most important wineries in the country. San Pedro’s main vineyard, wine cellar and hundred-year-old underground cava cellar are located in Molina, in Curicó Valley, 200 Km. south of Santiago. There, San Pedro has one of the largest stretches of vineyards in Latin America, with 1,200 hectares. Parallelly, San Pedro has over 1,500 planted hectares in Central Valley and in the other main vine-growing valleys in Chile, such as Elqui, Casablanca, San Antonio-Leyda, Maipo, Cachapoal, Maule and Bío-Bío, always in the quest for new and better origins for its wines. Viña San Pedro is part of the so-called VSPT Wine Group winemaking group, the third largest vitivinicultural group in Chile and the second largest exporter of Chilean wine. Its portfolio includes the brands Cabo de Hornos, Kankana del Elqui, Tierras Moradas, 1865 Single Vineyard, 1865 Lmited Edition, Castillo de Molina, 35 South and GatoNegro, which enjoy vibrant success in the most competitive markets.


Whilst San Pedro’s winemakers are the heirs to a heritage of more than a century and a half of winemaking, they are anything but set in their ways.
Beyond the very best origins, climates and soils on its farms, the central source of quality in San Pedro wines is its winemaking team. Our professional and passionate winemaking team is led by some of the best talent in the Chilean industry. Together, these four are responsible for assuring a very particular San Pedro style and quality in each and every wine.
Chief Winemaker San Pedro Icon wines
Gabriel Mustakis
Gabriel aims to harness the potential and origin of these wines which are mainly from the Cachapoal – Andes Valley. Gabriel Mustakis joined the winemaking team in January 2018. He is in charge of the Cachapoal – Andes winery, where San Pedro’s five icon wines: Altaïr, Cabo de Hornos, Sideral, Kankana del Elqui and Tierras Moradas are made. His mission is to spearhead research in the agricultural and productive areas, as well as implementing processes of excellence in order to craft the finest exponents in Chilean viticulture. Prior to joining the Viña San Pedro winemaking team, Gabriel began his career as assistant winemaker for Viña Cono Sur, and then he spent seven years as Chief Winemaker and Production Manager at Cousiño Macul winery, leading the production team from vineyard to the finished product, giving birth to their renowned wines.
Winemaker of GatoNegro
Viviana Magnere
Viviana Magnere She started working at Viña San Pedro in 2006, were her focus was mainly the winemaking of varietal and organic wines. By the end of 2014 Viviana was given a new challenge, being the actual leader of the most global brand of our winery: GatoNegro, present and adored in more than 80 countries all over the world. Viviana Magnere graduated as an Agricultural Engineer at Universidad Católica de Chile, specializing in enology.
Enologist, 1865 Single Vineyard and Castillo de Molina
Matías Cruzat
Matias joined Viña San Pedro’s team aiming to build upon the winemaking identity at the winery with the country’s most important and iconic viticultural origins. In this way, the true homeland that Chile has to offer can be revealed through the 1865 range. He has significant experience across wineries in California, USA as well as South Africa, where he spent several seasons as a harvest assistant, carrying out fermentation and pressing duties. This valuable experience brought him back to Chile to train as a winemaker. He participated in Viña Undurraga’s 2012 harvest in the Maipo Valley and a few months later, worked as assistant winemaker for Viña Santa Cruz in the Colchagua Valley. One year later Matias took part in Viña San Pedro’s 2013 harvest in Molina. Upon completion of the season, he was recruited because of his dedication and talent, joining the winemaking team for the winery’s Premium brands. The same year the innovative winemaker and three business partners launched a digital tool: Hello Wine, encouraging you to taste and get to know Chilean wines as part of a wine home delivery club. Today, Cruzat rises to the important challenge of taking wines from the 1865 portfolio to the highest level, exploring new frontiers and innovating with his professionalism and winemaking experience. Matías Cruzat graduated in Agronomy with a special mention in Viticulture and Winemaking from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.


Innovating to meet strict quality standards
Viña San Pedro’s viticulture and farming responds efficiently to the requirements imposed by intense quality standards. A team of professionals and technical experts has been especially created to develop responsible, efficient and quality driven practices to insure the consistent high standards of quality for our customers. In 2002, VSP implemented an avant-garde Agricultural Management System. This included the use of data collectors on site, doing field tests, which allows to obtain precise and online data regarding detailed progress of each task involved in the productive process. Resulting speed and precision make it possible to optimize costs, better engage machinery, properly store and deliver materials and supplies. Consequently, the system provides necessary records to ensure full traceability of the final product, and guarantees compliance with Best Agricultural Practices, currently required by responsible and competitive retailers around the world. Viña San Pedro, being aware that these standards complement sustainable agriculture, based its protocol on the one developed by European supermarkets. Thus, it implemented procedures that include sanitary, social, and environmental issues. During year 2003, VSP obtained the highest level certification under criteria required by the British Retailer Consortium (BRC). In addition, it implemented the quality assurance system based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Management (HACCP), a tool that ensures innocuousness and strengthens quality of products. This certification was granted by international BVQI (independent certification branch of Bureau Veritas).