360º Sustainability


San Pedro is raising the focus above and beyond the inherently environmental connotation”

San Pedro has long practiced a strong commitment to the environment with a host of eco-friendly practices aimed chiefly at achieving more sustainable production. Today San Pedro is raising the focus above and beyond the inherently environmental connotation, toward a vision of social responsibility that includes a more holistic commitment to support for its workers and their families, as well as a long-term contribution to the communities where San Pedro farms.

360º Team & Customers

“Our 360° team is compsed by several profesionals from different areas, all of them firmly commited to all objectivs and goals, and always willing to work to achieve the best long-term results.”

Always a priority, San Pedro is one of the Chilean wineries with the largest list of quality, environmental, safety and health-related certifications.

San Pedro is an industry leader managing every aspect of production so that
our wines arrive at their final destiny in perfect condition:

Just some of our certifications are:

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Management

Quality assurance based on the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Management (HACCP), a tool which assures the product’s harmlessness and reinforces its quality. This certification was bestowed by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI). Since 2003.

British Retail Consortium

British Retail Consortium standard (BRC) 2004. Starting the year 2008, we subscribed the BRC standard on the not-announced basis, which means that we can be audited any minute along the year keeping our systems on a maximal alert.

Bureau Veritas

Our Integrated Management System is certified by Bureau Veritas since year 2004, including Quality Management ISO 9001, Environmental Management ISO 14001 and Labor Safety OHSAS 18001./

International Food and Standard

International Food and Standard (IFS) the year after, both on a higher level.

Food Safety Norm ISO 22000 – 2005

Food Safety Norm ISO 22000 – 2005, Food Safety Management System in our Molina Plant. This system allows obtaining the adequate backgrounds to assure the traceability of the final product and to guarantee the accomplishment of processes, both current basic demands of worldwide customers and consumers. Re-certified 2009.

Total Performance Management program

Total Performance Management program (TPM), which will allow us to reach high standards in terms of manufacture and productive efficiency good practices. Since early 2009.

The Enviroment

A commitment to nature and the environment

San Pedro’s environmental commitment includes eco-friendly practices such as integrated farm management, re-forestation programs, state-of-the-art waste treatment and recycling programs, the implementation of energy-efficient motors, lights, alternators and other energy-saving appliances, as well as farming a growing percentage of grapes organically.

In addition, San Pedro recently started to measure its Carbon Footprint in Molina, and in September 2009 began bottling Castillo de Molina and 35° South in lightweight bottles.


Our employees, the spirit of San Pedro

Our employees are the key to achieving 360 sustainability and for them we have developed programs which include education, recreational and cultural activities.

Employees at the Molina and Lontué plants are given support to finish their high-school education, and/or complete mechanical/electric diplomas in order to achieve the title of Maintenance Operator.

San Pedro funds technical and professional careers for exceptional workers.

Employees are also encouraged to pursue certification from recognized educational institutions for the experience they gain on their job in the winery. About 200 workers get certified each year.

San Pedro strives to improve work through quality of life and to create more family time. This is why, mothers are given free days during school winter vacations and permission to leave the office at 3 pm on Fridays.


Good Neighbors to those around us

Being a good corporate citizen and a good neighbor is a key part of our San Pedro’s 36 commitment.

Some of our community initiatives include:

Sharing with a Friend: nworkers participate in sponsoring, with the company’s support, children’s homes and foundations, with different campaigns each year: “School Supplies”, “Share a Christmas” and “Kilogram of Solidarity” — a collection of non-perishable foodstuffs.

Football: soccer is Chile’s most popular sport. Over many years San Pedro has developed a burgeoning soccer school that today includes two community soccer stadiums. The program sponsors transport, gear and meals for more 80 children.

Also, San Pedro realizes the importance of drinking responsibly. This is why we practice:

Education within the family: San Pedro realizes the importance of drinking responsibly and developed a program designed for parents to orient them in the education of their children to drink responsibly.

Drink Responsibly: a full gamut of advertising on our labels and POP material.

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